Tips for dealing with Lync

One of my clients requires me to use Lync for communicating within the company, but won’t provide me with a copy of it unless I install their entire operating image. This is a problem for various reasons which I don’t want to get into, but the result is that everything works fine except for not being able to get a copy of Lync to use with their system.  As a result, it’s necessary to use the evaluation version of the Lync client ( This works great until the evaluation expires in 180 days.  How to work around that?  Well, if I was a little less pressed for time I could check the registry entries added during installation and see which is responsible for setting the evaluation period.  However, at the moment I’ve got better things to do, and a little bit of searching the lazyweb turned up this thread:

The last comment says to uninstall Lync 2010, re-install Office Communicator 2007 (also the trial version), uninstall that, then reinstall Lync 2010. Voila, your trial period is reset!

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